I’ve had a difficult time getting into the Halloween spirit this year. Neither of the neighbors who usually go all out have put up a single thing. Maybe they’ve been waiting on the hurricane that, fingers crossed, will skip us this year. Maybe their lives have been as hectic as mine. When Dafina, 11 months, is a little more independent, I plan to pick up the torch.


Home in Deerfield, Massachusetts

So I had to turn to the internet for inspiration. Looking through pics people have taken of their festive neighbors, it seems like inflatables are still massive, as are lights sprayed against the house. Purple seems to be everywhere too, counterpunching the pumpkin orange. Speaking of pumpkins, they’re a matte, industrial grey now. Occasionally, they’re glammed up in sequins and lace. So today, I’m bringing you a list of this year’s most on-trend Halloween decorations. Disclaimer: These are affiliate links.

Small Galvanized Metal Pumpkin, $23


Photograph by Amazon reviewer GJ Watson

Five Foot Spider, $15


Look at this. It’s so hairy and gross. Probably not the decoration for you if you live in an area where everyone has a gun.

Set of Two Garden Stakes, $35


These are darling and understated. These would look grand pinned to either side of a driveway.

Four Foam Tombstones, $16


Way classier than your neighbor’s spray-painted plywood.

Inflatable Pumpkin Skeleton, $35


Ignore the fact that his arms look like feet.

Interactive Skeleton in a Hammock, $33


Sound activated! Time to get revenge on the dog that barks at your mailbox.

Two Flamingos, $35


Significantly less likely than the hammock skeleton to result in a call from your HOA.

Laser Projector, $41


I think half the houses in my neighborhood trot this out at Christmas. This one comes with 10 filters, including three for Halloween.

200 LED Purple Lights, $12


Many people are putting purple lights up or decorating with purple accents for the spooky season.

Shrieking Lawn Mummy, $30


For when you want to keep all the Halloween candy to yourself.

Vinyl Window Decals, $10


Just make sure you don’t let these bake on your window too long, vinyl decals are a bear to get off after a few months.

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