The spooky season is here, and the appmakers are raining down games, photo editors, and ringtones upon us! All apps were used on an Android phone.

Little Tailor: Halloween Clothes Maker

I award this app no stars. I want to make perfectly clear that I have paid for in-app purchases in the past. I have no problem with ad-supported games or microtransactions. But it was ad after ad after ad until finally, they served me two at once and I could not exit out of the ads because one was covering the other. I probably saw 10 ads in 3 minutes of playing time. It seems like a fairly straightforward clothing design boutique game, but I couldn’t tell you for sure.


App Last Updated: 7/27/18

App Maker: K3Games

Halloween Word Search Puzzles

I would have rated this one higher had the puzzles included more words. It’s not a bad way to pass the time, but I can’t really recommend it either.


App Last Updated: 10/14/2017

App Maker: Fraser Hay

Halloween Spa

Kindle Link

A relic from a simpler time (2013), this one’s kind of fun. It’s the same spa game from every Flash play-in-Browser girl game site ever, but with costumes. Ads are between screens.


App Last Updated: 11/8/2013

App Maker:

Halloween Bingo


This game had the least-obtrusive ads and was the most generous with in-game currencies. I’ve never played any other bingo apps, but this one was a good place to start. The worst moment was when I called bingo just as the round timed out. Boooooooooooo. There a several different bingo rooms and you compete against other players.

App Last Updated: September 7, 2018

App Maker: Dynamic Games Ltd.

Halloween Quiz

The best app I tested. This one was a lot of fun. They show you four stock photos, you guess the Halloween-related item and spell it out with the letters below. Starts out quite simple, but I tapped out in the thirties because I’m not much of a horror fan.


App Last Updated: 10/25/2013

App Maker: Tappeal AB

Do you have any favorite Halloween apps? Let me know!


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