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We may still be wearing shorts and tank tops to bed in Florida, but there is a cornucopia of harvest time jammies in the stores. From glow-in-the-dark to toothy pumpkins, this list has all the boooooooooooootiful PJs for your small people.

If you want to surprise the spooky kids in your life, read on:

(Amazon links are affiliates. A girl’s got to keep her own kid in PJs, after all)

  1. Shelry Glow-in-the Dark Matching Family Pajamas, $16


Let’s get the scariest ones out of the way. Glowing skeletons!

2. Old Navy Baby and Toddler 4 Piece Set, $26


Whether you see it in 6M or 6T, these bloodcurdling blue sleepers are going to keep you up at night.

3. Fossil Pajamas, $6+


Perfect for any kiddo who’s been begging to see Jurassic World.

4. Bride of Frankenstein Pajamas, $20+


Eat your heart out, Elsa Lanchester!

5. Jammies for Your Families Pajamas, $22


And to go with The Bride, we have the Creature himself.

6. Yalasga Pumpkin Face Pajamas, $7+


Look at their spooky little faces!

7. Personalized Spider Pajamas, $49


Arachnophobes may think this should have placed higher.

8. Newborn Sleeper, $10+


Not quite pajamas, but too adorable to leave off the list. Too bad I didn’t know about this when I brought my own pumpkin home last year.

9. Room on the Broom Pajamas, $15


So the book is about as scary as a kitten, but that’s what the bottom of the list is for, right?

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