This is more for my notes than anything, so feel free to skip.

What I’ve done this month: Posted my first blog in over two years on September 11. Skimmed a lot of how-to posts and bookmarked even more. I didn’t set any goals this month, and frankly I wasn’t sure if I would be able to carve out the time.

Goals for October

Actually read those pins and bookmarks

Put together a cohesive strategy


Make sure I have the apps and social media accounts I need

Blog most days. I have a TON of ideas, but not enough time to pull many of them off. That said, I want to have a deep catalog to show potential affiliates what I can do.

Set up legal pages and link to series.


WordPress: 35

Twitter: 982

Pinterest: 34

I also set up accounts at Quora and Bloglovin.


Cash: $1

Merchandise: 1 white noise machine, 2 ebooks in exchange for reviews. I will not be posting the second book review. I have nothing positive to say about what I have read so far.


4 thoughts on “Blog Report: September 2018

  1. Ha! You sound like me. Tons of ideas but no time to pull them off! I feel I should get more organized about blogging and goals, but somehow life always gets in the way ^^

    Good luck in October!


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