Make Me Over


A new Sephora catalog showed up this afternoon. Opening it up, my eye wasn’t drawn toward the jewel tone eye shadow palettes or the matte ’90s lips the color of spilled wine. No, I flicked past any look that might justify the purchase of $44 setting spray. I found myself contemplating whether or not I needed some more pinky-bronzy-taupy beige in my collection.

I wasn’t always this risk-averse when it came to bold makeup colors. When I briefly lived in North Carolina, my license showed me with a swipe of chartreuse over my eyes. I would spend a fortune on heavily pigmented colors. I knew what reds would work without trying them on. But today, my idea of being on-trend with bold makeup looks is attempting a cut-crease look with the Naked palette.

When my makeup choices weren’t so humdrum, I was working in fashion retail. I viewed my makeup colors as another accessory. And this was the heart of the eighties revival, in all its neon glory. But as I moved on, I went for a more professional look–even after hours. I stopped receiving compliments on my lip color. I could have done my eye shadow in my sleep. And as it turns out, the cut-crease trend just looks like misapplied makeup when you use muddy neutrals.

I might feel like I’ve outgrown the bright neon tones, but I could certainly stand to do something more interesting than what I’m doing right now. Maybe I will get one of those glittery jewel tones after all.

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Now for some other cozy things I liked today:

Cooking video of the day: Smoothie Bowls from Cooking Panda

Long read of the day: The NYT has an article about the future of coal mining towns in Appalachia

Tech story of the day: Uber is going to be testing self-driving cars



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