Introductory post

If you’re reading this, you are probably a completist who insists on reading and viewing everything those you follow put out there. Hello readers of the future! I hope I’m still writing things for you to read as you pilot your self-flying car.

My name is Melanie and I am a native of central Florida. I’m starting this blog in our cozy season. While higher-latitude bloggers share articles about outdoor fun all summer, I’m on the couch watching the outdoor heat and humidity battle the cool A/C on my windowpane. They wax rhapsodic over endless summer afternoons, I watch torrential downpours and curse my decision to put off cutting the grass. So for me, the time is ripe to start a blog about the comforts of home.

When I’m home, I like to read, write, cook, work out, brush up on my Spanish, and watch a bit of YouTube. So that’s what I’m planning to share with my readers. I plan to share one post a day with my favorite cozy things. Warning: I go a little nuts about holidays.

I would love to hear my readers’ favorite homebody activities, so please leave a comment below.


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